Technology  Solutions

For Wealth Managers

At RGS Management, we see that Wealth Management and High Net Worth (HNW) management consists of several business technology capabilities including the integration and management of:

1)   Customer data and client information

2)   Portfolio and performance reports

3)   Customer relationships information

4)   Compliance

5)   And data presentation and user experiences


Rather than force-fit a wealth manager, large or small, into a one-size fits all software solution, RGS Management provides a customizable set of solutions and an architecture based on today’s industry standards. This includes a technical processing and analytical engine, a search engine, and a supplier of aggregated financial data which is custom tailored by client. These primary components are then architected to present and deliver client position and performance reports, as well holdings and transactions to both the investment advisor and client. In addition, clients can look at their holdings through a secure family hierarchy window.


With this in mind, clients and investment advisors can order up views of their performance and risk in near real-time and engage in deeper exploration of portfolio and asset information. Managers and marketing directors who are behind the scenes of the investment advisor can look across multiple investment advisors and clients to understand products acquired, and customer behavior and profitability metrics. In summary, investment advisors can now obtain the 360 degree view of their clients’ holdings across institutions, while better understanding their behavior and likelihood to purchase a certain financial product. At the same time, clients can visualize their holdings across the spectrum of family members while allowing individual control by member.

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