Wealth Management

Wealth Management represents a growing and expanding domain within financial services. The number of affluent families and individuals worldwide has been increasing over the past several years and is expected to continue to grow.

Over the past several years, RGS Management has designed Relationship Management systems for wealth managers, building solutions based on software programs including ACT, Goldmine and others. We have capitalized on those experiences and embarked on a multi-level view (360 degree client and advisor view) of information related to high net-worth families and individuals. This solution is customizable by the client and can be configured based on rich data from many sources, allowing high net-worth family to view information across several holding institutions.

Families can further configure each member's security and entitlements so that they can view and transact within their allowable control.

As an example, the following is a view of the John Harris family after the family head or in this case patriarch of the family logs in. John now has an instantaneous view of his family structure and can drill into many family dimensions, by transaction or by individual.

In the following web view, John Harris has created an Efficient Frontier view of his investments, but more importantly can also drill into any investment by where it is domiciled (Geography), what Asset Class it belongs and what industry sector it is part of. These views provide a near instantaneous snapshot of his investments, risk and performance.

As a result of the wealth management technology challenges, the need for innovative and effective wealth management technology solutions is increasing beyond the capabilities of many of the traditional suppliers. RGS Management's approach is to create and deliver a best-in-class, integrated wealth management platform consisting of client relationship, real-time investment analytics, customer account documentation and compliance in a fully turnkey and operational platform.

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